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·Zhang Hongmei Contemporary Art Exhibition(13-07-12)
·The Special Exhibition of “Pablo Picasso and Pan Lusheng: A Ceramic Dialogue” is b...(13-06-09)
·Ms. Chun Lee Wang Gurt, Aritst from Sweden came to visit SUAD on July 5, 2011 and me...(11-07-05)
·SUAD 5member delegation, led by Vice President Zhang Yunlong, attended the Cumulus A...(11-05-27)
·SUAD 5-member delegation, led by Vice President Zhang Yunlong, paid a visit to Unive...(11-05-25)
·Mr. Graeme Leslie Meehan, Minister, Australian Embassy, China, visited SUAD and tour...(11-05-21)
·Robert Layton from Durham University (UK) delivered a lecture on Anthropology and Ar...(11-04-09)
·The President and a few administrative staff members of Taekyeung College visited SU...(11-02-22)
·James Ostrow, Vice President of Lasell College and Mary Ruppert-StroescuJames, Chair...(11-01-05)
·Icograda Design Manifesto 10-Year Anniversary was held during 1-4 November, 2010, or...(10-11-06)
·The 2010 workshop was initiated on 27 October 2010, which attracted students and fac...(10-11-01)
·Southern Utah University paid a visit to SUAD on 21 October, 2010(10-10-21)
·The students and faculty members from Queensland College of Arts came to SUAD to con...(10-10-15)
·Faculty members and students from School of Fashion Design visited Lasell College in...(10-10-05)
·Professor from Nagaoka Institute of Design came to visit and delivered a lecture to ...(10-09-14)
·SUAD representatives attended the Cumulus Shanghai Conference during 7-8 September, ...(10-09-10)
·The Italian sculptor donated her work LINK to SUAD on 16 July, 2010(10-07-16)
·Two administrative staff members from University of Rome Tor Vergata came to visit S...(10-06-29)
·Ms. Deng Jianye, SUAD faculty member attended the Cumulus Conference in Belgium on 2...(10-05-29)
·SUAD faculty members and students paid a visit to Taekyeung College and took part in...(10-05-28)
·Exchange students from Taekyeung College talked with President Pan Lusheng on 19 May...(10-05-19)
·Seven faculty members and thirteen students from School of Digital Art and Communica...(10-05-10)
·Professor Ashley Hall from Royal College of Art (UK) delivered a lecture entitled Ho...(10-04-09)
·Five exchange students from Taekyeung College received their graduation certificate ...(10-01-09)
·Professor from Taekyeung College delivered lectures and workshops to students majori...(09-11-12)
·Vincenzo Sanfo, Director of Italian Cultural Center came to visit Shandong Universit...(09-11-09)
·On 27 October, 2009, SUAD and Icograda Board members talked about the organization o...(09-10-28)
·Icograda Design Congress 2009 was held in Beijing at the end of October 2009(09-10-27)
·President Pan Lusheng met students and faculty members from home and abroad, who par...(09-10-22)
·Christian Guellerin, General Director of L’Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique and it...(09-10-22)
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