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School of Visual Communication Design
The School of Visual Communication Design was developed from the previous Graphic Design Department. It offers a four-year bachelor’s degree program with a major in advertising design, brand and enterprise image design, packaging design, book design and packaging engineering. The specialized courses are focused on academic achievements. Scientific thinking is integrated with creativity, as well as, theory with practice to develop well-rounded students. Awards to the School of Visual Communication Design include China Outstanding IGD Design Organization and Excellent Teaching Unit. It cooperated with Germany in stipulating China Advertising Design Professional Standard. Many of our students won first prize at many international contests, such as, the International Advertising Competition and the International University Students’ Photo Competition. In 2004, three work received bronze prizes, at the Tenth National Fine Arts Exhibition. In 2007, the school succeeded in designing the logo of the National Sports Meeting. The School of Visual Communication Design plays an active role in conducting international academic exchange, and establishing effective methods to communicate and cooperate with universities and institutes around the world.

School of Architecture and Landscape Design
The school of Architecture and Landscape Design offers two bachelor’s degree programs. The first program is a five-year program leading to a Bachelor of Engineering, with a major in architecture or city planning. The other one is a four-year program leading to the Bachelor of Arts, with a major in landscape design or interior design. Priority has been put on architecture science in a broad sense, combining art and engineering together, and coordinating the relationship between architecture, city planning, landscape design, and interior design to optimize the curriculum system. During the past few years, faculty members accomplished many scientific research projects for Shandong University of Art and Design and the Shandong Provincial Government. Design projects and work by faculty members were exhibited in provincial and national exhibitions, and won gold, silver or bronze awards. Companies as well as the government purchased many of the work. Design work by students won prizes at competitions, organized by universities of art and design. These competitions have earned recognitions from the general pubic.

School of Industrial Design
The School of Industrial Design offers four-year programs leading to either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Engineering. Specializations include product design, exhibition design, infrastructure design, industrial ceramics design, and tourism product design. The School enhanced faculty members with solid theoretical background, rich teaching experience, extensive scientific research achievement, and substantial practical design skills. Their focus is on people-orientated and sustainable design concepts, while at the same time, integrating art, science, technology, and economy in teaching. There is a balance among combining the needs of industry, teaching and research. The Design Sketch was evaluated as a Shandong Provincial High Quality Course. Since the department was established, nearly one thousand students have graduated, and many of them have continued their education in well-known universities, such as Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Donghua University, Southern Yangtze University, Shandong University, or Shandong University of Art and Design.

School of Fashion Design
The School of Fashion Design was founded relatively early in the development of China’s fashion design education. The School offers a four-year program leading to bachelor’s degree in fashion design, fashion engineering and fashion show. The courses are tailored to meet the students’ employment needs. The school faculty members are known for their experience in both research and teaching. They provide a blend of theoretical and practical learning, with the aim to graduate well-rounded students. Since the credit system was implemented in 2003, more importance has been attached to comprehensive theoretical study, skill training, integrated research and studio learning, as well as, an emphasis on project-based designs and internships. Over the past few years, faculty members have received various achievement awards in their teaching and research. Firstly, the course called Fashion Structure Design was chosen to be Shandong Provincial Higher Educational Reform Pilot Course. Secondly, the course called Fashion Structure Design and Techniques won outstanding teaching achievement award in Shandong Province. A large number of fashion design work and papers by faculty members and students have won a wide variety of awards from the National Scientific Technology Association, the National Industrial Design Association, the Shandong Provincial Scientific Committee, the Shandong Provincial Educational Committee and the Shandong Provincial Cultural Bureau.

School of Fine Arts
Currently, the School of Fine Arts offers a four-year program leading to a Bachelor degree of Arts in Chinese painting, oil painting, mural painting, and calligraphic decorative art. The School of Fine Arts has six teaching studios. Since the implementation of the credit system in 2003, the students choose a major to study and practise in studio, after taking their fundamental courses in the first year. The combination of a credit system and studio-based study is embodied in the teaching methods. Faculty members pay attention to both academic research and practical creation. Nearly one hundred environmental sculptures have been completed and many work have won prizes at a range of levels, such as, the prize from United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, the silver prize from Ministry of Culture, the first prize at National Folklore Painting Exhibition, silver prizes and bronze prizes from the Sixth, Ninth and Tenth National Fine Arts Exhibition. Fine arts work by faculty members have received prizes at national or ministerial level, about eighty times, and also prizes at the provincial level, more than two hundred times.

School of Modern Handicraft Art
The School of Modern Handicraft Art offers a bachelor’s degree program with a major in fiber, metalsmithing, ceramics and pottery, glass, liquor, and dying. The school is equipped with five labs, among which fiber lab is listed as the first-class lab in Shandong Province, and the metal lab, the second-class lab. Over the past three years, the school has published seven books. Two of them won the second and third prize of outstanding achievement award in science and art, from Shandong Provincial Cultural Bureau. In addition, about forty papers have been published, and approximately one thousand work have been completed. The School of Modern Handicraft Art has been pioneering in project-based education, in order to display the initiatives of faculty members and students. It has engaged in encouraging academic relationships with well-known international universities of art and design. In addition, the school has received well-known German and American artists as guest professors, as well as, inviting experts and scholars from America, Canada, Germany, Korea, and Latvia to deliver academic lectures to students.

School of Digital Art and Communication
The School of Digital Art and Communication offers a bachelor’s degree program with a major in artistic photography, commercial photography, digital multimedia design, animation design, illustration for animation and comics, film and television design and digital film and television art. Among labs of photo, animation, computer graphics, film and television, and multimedia, photo lab has been evaluated as one of the first-class labs in Shandong Province. School of Digital Art and Communication has set up a scientific curriculum system, and has done its best to integrate industry, education, and research, at the same time combining digital technology with artistic design. As a close partner of Shandong Television Station, and Shandong Theater, the school provides programs, which are designed to suit employment needs to make students expert in one specialization and good at many specializations. Besides teaching, the faculty members are deeply involved in scientific research. 46 academic books and 51 papers have been published, 28 awards at provincial level or above were received, 38 television programs were broadcast, and about 560 design work were developed in this school.

School of Arts and Humanities
The School of Arts and Humanities offers a four-year program leading to bachelor’s degree of arts in design study, fine arts, advertising, editing and publication, and it includes five areas of specialization: design art history and theory, fine arts history and theory, art appreciation and preservation, design management, and editing and publication. Curriculum and courses are mainly focused on the liberal arts, while not neglecting design skill and training, with an emphasis on fostering artistic creativity.
The School of Arts and Humanities is proud to have a highly qualified faculty group. 36% of its faculty members have PhD degrees, and 43% have Master’s degree. 72% of its faculty are professors or associate professors. They have published approximately 30 books, such as The Complete Works of China Folk Fine Art (fourteen volumes), which won Five-one Project Award from the Ministry of Publicity; Textbooks on Art and Design for University Students, which were listed as one of the Tenth Five-year Period Projects by Shandong Provincial Educational Bureau; History of Chinese Crafts and Fine Arts; Western Modern Art Design History; and Introduction to China folk fine arts. They have published about one hundred papers in journals, such as, Decoration, Fine Arts Observer, Eastern and Western Culture, Fine Arts Study, and Design Art. Furthermore, the faculty members undertook approximately ten research projects, such as, Investigation and Research into Folk Handicraft organized by the Ministry of Education, Current Situation and Developing Trend of Art Design Education organized by the Shandong Provincial Educational Bureau. Works by faculty won the first prize at the Ninth Shandong Sports Exhibition, bronze prize at the Tenth National Fine Arts Exhibition, the second prize, and third prize of Excellent Achievement Award in social science from Shandong Provincial Scientific Association, and Excellent Book Prize in east China.

School of Applied Design
The School of Applied Design is committed to providing students with technical skills. It offers a two-year program leading to a specialized diploma, as well as, a four-year program leading to a bachelor’s degree and the technical certificate, issued by National Labor Ministry. The school offers majors in make-up and image design, printing design, advertising design, and furniture design. Practice-oriented education has been implemented through combining theoretical study and internship, within companies. The school is proud of making extensive exchange and cooperation with design schools, institutes and companies, both at home and abroad. The school has a diversified faculty, including professors from overseas, as well as engineers and designers from specific companies. Attention has been focused on practice-oriented teaching and innovation in the curriculum. Various teaching methods are applied in order to equip the students in their professional growth. This effort has helped to create a new generation of designers with innovative ability and practical skills.

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